[BALUG-Admin] Job Postings on BALUG (& requsts for such, and policy, and responses ...)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 17 18:29:47 PDT 2008

Unfortunately, changing the policy wouldn't greatly decrease the
amount of (mostly) recruiters asking us to put up a job posting.
Our policy is pretty explicit - most either don't read it, or want
to try and work/wiggle around it ... so I tend to think making the
policy even more stringent wouldn't be a great improvement (at least
in "our" having these e-mails/requests to deal with).

I think, as long as our policy is/remains at least approximately what
it is, and we don't have some other *BALUG* job posting resource for
them to use, we can give them a (relatively) courteous "thanks, but
no thanks" (and relatively) boilerplate response.  I earlier did
a wiki page to make this easier:
If folks want to (reasonably) change that boilerplate (keep in mind it's
to be used as a response from BALUG) ... e.g. to mention some other
relevant resources/links (e.g. SF-LUG, SVLUG, or particular points/resources
therein), please feel free to do so.

We might also eventually make a bit more "polished" page to point
folks to ... and could even link to it from the "talk" page (where
most folks that bother to read, discover our policy regarding job

Also, note the above wiki page location probably isn't "permanent", but such
should remain reasonably findable (will probably eventually be somewhere under
http://wiki.balug.org/ ... and fairly likely with some pointers to it from
the "old" location(s) to more permanent home).

Quoting Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:

> Why don't we amend our jobs posting policy to disallow them completely,
> but point recruiters towards the svlug jobs list.  Seems like we're
> getting more recruiters these days and AFAIK 0% have offered to give a
> technical talk.  And frankly, I'd reject proposals from all of the
> recruiters that we have seen over the last 9 months.

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