[BALUG-Admin] Can You Help Publicize the Shuttleworth Event?

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Tue Mar 18 00:01:48 PDT 2008

Hey guys:

Can any of you help promote the Mark Shuttleworth event?  Michael Paoli
and I have the LUG mailing lists covered.  However, if you know of any
good forums to post the event in it would be great if you could help get
the word out... but please use good judgment to not spam forums.  

There is list of forums that have already been covered for Shuttleworth's
talk listed here:


but if you know of any others please feel free to use the formatted text
below if you like it, but please preview the formatting before posting
because each forum has slightly different structure.


[B]Mark Shuttleworth[/B] will be speaking at the
[URL="http://www.balug.org"]Bay Area Linux Users Group[/URL] on
[B]Tuesday, March 25th[/B].  The event starts at [B]6:30pm[/B] in San
Francisco and everyone is welcome to attend.  That said, we may have space
limitations so RSVPing is a very good idea... it also helps us plan how
much food to prepare.


The event is free, but dinner costs $13 for anyone who wants to eat

Tuesday, March 25th
The Four Seas Restruant
731 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108

Parking on the street can be difficult.  $5 Parking within 1 block of the
restaraunt is availible in the
[URL="http://www.portsmouthsquaregarage.com/"]Portsmouth Garage[/URL] at
733 Kearny. 

[B][U]Upcoming Speakers[/U][/B]
BALUG has an excellent lineup of speakers for 2008.  We've already hosted
Eric Raymond and Bruce Perens and our upcomming speakers include:

March 25th - Mark Shuttleworth
April 15th - Eric Allman
May 20th - Jeremy Allison
June 17 - Andrew Morton
July 15 - Mike Linksvayer
August 19 - TBD
Sept 16 - Ian Murdock

With so many great speakers, why not join BALUG's low-volume announce


[U][B]About BALUG[/B][/U]
BALUG is lively gathering of Linux users & free software enthusiasts that
combines great food, community & intimate access to featured speakers. We
meet in the upstairs dinning room of the Four Seas Restaurant from 6:30pm.
At 7pm, we share a family-style Chinese dinner, which is followed by our
guest speaker.

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