[BALUG-Admin] Meeting feedback form for meeting attendees?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 18 22:53:53 PDT 2008

Should we do a feedback form for meeting attendees?

We've at done this at least occasionally before[1]

Don't necessarily need to give and have everyone fill out a form
(particularly if we have a rather large to huge turnout), but at least
getting a representative sample (e.g. preparing 25 to 50 forms, and
passing out forms one to a person until we run out of forms, or
attendees) could be quite useful and informative.

Anyway, I was thinking a form, perhaps relatively similar to before[2]
... perhaps add a bit to ask folks "Where did you hear about BALUG?",
and "Where did you hear about this event/meeting?" - as that could be
rather to quite useful (most notably in knowing where we're getting
more useful returns on our publicity work).  I'd be at least moderately
inclined to keep the other questions and scale as similar to before, as
feasible - so we can at least do some reasonably objective comparisons
- at least if we wish to do so.  Of course if there's good reason to
change a question or how it's sated, we certainly could do that, ...
but that would skew or invalidate any potential comparisons to earlier

Anyway, as rough idea for survey form, I was thinking something like
[3] (okay, so I couldn't resist tweaking it a *slight* bit from earlier


1. e.g.:
2. http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-admin-balug.org/2005-October/000099.html
3. :
BALUG Meeting Feedback Form ____-__-__

Using a scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best) how would you rate the

___ Meeting time and location? (able to get to it, find it, etc.)

___ Food and service? (value/price, quality, service, etc.)

___ This talk/presentation overall?

___ Talk/presentation materials?

___ Oral presentation?

___ Presenter's knowledge of subject/material?

___ Examples/demonstration presented?

What do you think were the worst things about this talk/presentation?

What do you think were the best things about this talk/presentation?

Please provide any general comments on how you think this meeting and/or
talk/presentation could be improved or should be changed:

Where did you hear about BALUG?

Where did you hear about this event/meeting?

(Optional) Your name and/or contact information:

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