[BALUG-Admin] [BALUG-Talk] Interested in a talk on "CTL"?

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Tue Mar 18 10:09:19 PDT 2008

Hi Bill:

Thanks for suggesting Alex Honor as a speaker for BALUG.  At the present
time, BALUG has speakers booked through September.  However, SVLUG and
PenLUG are certainly possibilities.  

The next available slots are SVLUG on May 7 and PenLUG slot on May 22.


Andrew Fife
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A fellow named Alex Honor recently spoke at the Sacramento Linux Users
and I heard it was a great talk, so I invited him to come out to LUGOD in
April.  He said he'd be interested in speaking at other groups as well.

Here's a quick summary from the LUGOD site:

  CTL is a new open source project for enterprise management, written
  in Java, but with bindings to Python, Perl, Ruby, shell, Javascript,
  and more. CTL is not an acronym; think of what 'apachectl' does for
  the Apache webserver, and imagine what such a tool might do for your
  entire enterprise and you've got CTL.

  About the Speaker:

  Alex Honor is open source project lead and principle architect at
  ControlTier. Formerly, he was head of E*trade system engineering, and
  carried them from dot boom to dot bomb and has been specializing in
  cradle to grave distributed enterprise software management ever since.

Would you guys be interested in booking him?  Let me know off-list and
I'll pass his contact info along to you.

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