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Hi Liane:

Great!  We are really looking forward to hosting Sean as there is a lot of OpenMoko excitement in the S.F. Bay Area open source community.  However, would it be possible for Sean to speak on Tuesday, November 18th,  which is our normal meeting date?  If we move the meeting to Monday the 17th, we likely won't draw as many attendees.

Thanks again,


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Hi Andrew,

I'm not sure whether or not I have replied to you.  Just to confirm that Sean will be able to give a speech at BALUG on November 17.  Please let me know if I should provide any information for your pre-arrangement.  Thanks.


Andrew Fife wrote:


That's great news!  Thanks!


Looking forward to finalizing a date with you!

Kind regards,



Andrew Fife


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Thanks for the invite. I should be able to make one of these dates

before the end of this year.  Liane (my assistant) will try to schedule

something when my time solidifies over the next few weeks.


Andrew Fife wrote:

Hi Sean:

Would you be willing to speak about Openmoko at the Bay Area Linux Users

Group (BALUG.org)?  There is a lot of excitement about Openmoko and we'd

love to host you at one of our meetings.  I believe that you are located

in Taiwan... will you be in the San Francisco any time over the next 12

months?  I'd love to coordinate something with your travel plans.

In the last 12 months, BALUG has hosted Mark Shuttleworth, Eric S.

Raymond, Bruce Perens, Eric Alman, Chris Dibona, Ian Murdock, Andrew

Morton and others.   Typically the meetings draw between 35 and 60

people and  we've had as many as 110 in the last year.

Kind regards,


More info on BALUG:

BALUG meets on the 3^rd Tuesday of the month at the Four Seas Restaurant

in San Francisco's Chinatown.  The meetings start at 6:30pm with folks

gathering in the bar to socialize.  We share a family style dinner at

about 7pm and speakers talks follow dinner.  Talks typically range in

length from 20 - 60 mins and most are followed with lots of audience Q&A.

Upcoming meeting dates are:

Oct 21^st

Nov 18^th

Dec 15^th (generally skip December would be happy to host if that worked

for you)

Jan 20^th , 2009

Feb 17^th , 2009

March 17^th , 2009

April 21^st , 2009

May 19^th , 2009

June 16^th , 2009

July 21^st , 2009

Aug 18^th , 2009

Sept 15^th , 2009

Oct 20^th , 2009

Nov 17^th , 2009


Andrew Fife

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