[BALUG-Admin] The great pizza matrix - or pizza for 29 to 81 people

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 16 07:27:07 PDT 2008

Just my opinion, but :-) ...

Yeah, if we want to tweak the balance of pizza types, that's
likely fine.

I'd be inclined to skip the pepperoni pizza, though
(my opinion, but I think most folks would prefer the North Beach
Special over Pepperoni, and with 4 types of pizza in addition to
plain cheese, I think everyone that can handle pizza, tomato, and
cheese would likely find something they'd at least consider

The "half tray" salad serves 6 ... I'm guestimating 80% of the
folks won't touch the salad, but 20% will ... so, ... guestimating
the half tray would be about right for 30 folks.  I'd say if
we're 45 or more, sure, go for the full tray ... under 45, or
closer to 30 than 45 ... I'd guestimate that we'd end up with
leftover salad ... but just my gustimate, I could be a fair bit off

Ham & Pineapple vs. Aloha Special - I'd be inclined to go for the
Aloha Special.  In some cases, one can do same mix of toppings at a
(slightly) lower price than their Specials, but from what I've seen
they're quite generous with their toppings on their Specials - and I
think most folks really like that (much better than many other places
that can be rather skimpy on the toppings).  Doing a custom set of
toppings (ordering by individual toppings) I suspect may result in
less generous set of toppings ... so I'd think it likely a bit
safer and likely to be a bit more satisfying results, sticking with
their house specials.  The Aloha special is also both Canadian bacon
*and* ham - which I'd also guestimate most folks would prefer to *just*
ham (and presumably about half as much meat in the ham and pineapple case,
and a somewhat saltier balance).

And yes, I think pusing the balance a bit more on the vegetarian side
can be a good and safe thing :-).  I was guestimating the balance.  Most
especially, their Vegitarian special is likely something that will also
well appeal to the omnivores (it's got quite a nice mix of stuff on it),
so ... better "too much" Vegitarian Special in the mix, than too little.

Anyway, I'll leave it to you to finalize.  I've gathered up the RSVP info,
putting together total on pizza eating RSVPers, and also list of email
addresses, if you want to drop them a reminder (I'll send that to you

In any case, that "matrix" I did should be a very good guide for number of
large pizzas in total for N pizza eaters; the mix of pizzas is "just" my
recommended mix (opinions can and will vary :-)).

Thanks for your work and attention on this!

Quoting "Andrew Fife" <AFife@untangle.com>:

> Think we should consider the following revision in order to add more  
> veggie friendly pizza & salad.
> 1 Full Salad Tray - $32.95
> 2 Pepperoni - $18.45 each
> 1 Barbary Coast Special - $26.30
> 2 Ham & Pineapple - $19.95 (less than aloha)
> 2 Veggie - $24.45
> 2 Cheese - $16.95
> Assuming 30 people at $10 per person after tax & 10% tip, this  
> leaves $40 for soda.  I believe that I can bring soda bought at  
> Costco from Untangle, which should make it easy to fit into the  
> budget.
> As we need to add additional pizza, I suggest we first add an  
> additional cheese, and then pepperoni.

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