[BALUG-Admin] ... (time to change list admin passwords)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Apr 14 16:35:27 PDT 2009

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> Yes, fine, duly noted.
> (I suggested just Rick, myself, and Jim, in [1]).

OK, I'm just now changing the per-list listadmin password for each of

...to a new value, and will convey it, via whatever method is
reasonable, to Michael and Jim.

Actually, I'm going to trust the key I fetched by doing:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --search-keys Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
...and send Michael the new key via gpg-encrypted e-mail.  (Yeah, lazy, I
know:  I'm not going to insist on a verifiable chain of trust from my 
key to his -- but this really isn't exactly the launch keys for NORAD.)

(Note to self:  Self, time for some more keysigning gatherings.)

And I have Jim's cellular number, so I'll just telephone him.

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