[BALUG-Admin] BALUG (& SF-LUG) (Linux) login accounts

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Dec 15 16:15:15 PST 2009

BALUG (& SF-LUG) (Linux) login accounts

Do you have, or did or should you have login account(s) on BALUG

Such account(s) would generally be for doing various volunteer[1] work
for BALUG[2][3].  Note here that I'm specifically referring to Linux login
accounts (and related) that would be used in systems administration,
webmaster, and related troubleshooting and diagnostic work, etc.  Such
(Linux) login accounts aren't needed for, e.g., wiki-only services
and/or (mailing) list (subscribe/unsubscribe/etc.) services - those are
generally "self serve".

If you think you should have such a (BALUG Linux login) account, or
if/when you feel such is appropriate, please let me know (or more
generally, email balug-contact@balug.org).  See also further details

If you believe you already have such an account, you may want to be sure
and login to verify it's working as you expect.

Please also note that you may already have such an account (or nearly
so), mostly due to some various system
migrations/replications/consolidations - most notably if you have or had
a Linux login account before on a BALUG or SF-LUG host.  Most notably:
the host that prior to 2009-11-11T15:30-0800 used to be:
also providing VIP:
(and also known by various other names in DNS)
has been "retired" (extremely deprecated, and little or no further
access), however its data (accounts, etc.) was saved, and much of that
data/configuration has now been merged[5] onto
balug-sf-lug-v2.balug.org. (xen domU) - so if you had an account on the
old sf-lug.com. host, you may already have an account on
balug-sf-lug-v2.balug.org., or an account there which I can reenable if
appropriate (I didn't by default enable all the accounts I merged in, as
many may have been used only for sf-lug and/or other purposes not
related to doing (volunteer[1]) work for BALUG).

So, ... if you think you should have such an account (or believe you may
have or have had such an account), please email (to:
balug-contact@balug.org) the relevant details as applicable:
preferred/existing/former login name:
"full"[6] name:
phone number(s)[7]:
email address(es)[8]:
BALUG purpose(s)[9]:
Note that at least the login and full name, phone numbers and email
addresses from the above submitted items may be "world readable" on the
host (e.g. contained within /etc/passwd and/or contact information
file(s) on the host).

1. volunteer - unless we happen to come into sufficient funding
    sourc(es) to actually be able to folks for work
2. http://www.balug.org/
3. There may also potentially be some overlap with SF-LUG[4], due to
    some shared resources.
4. http://www.sf-lug.org/
5. after some suitable period (e.g. 90 to 120 days), we'll likely purge
    much or all of the older data which remains unclaimed and unused.
6. At least first and last name, as you wish it to appear
7. Please, at least one good phone number we can contact you via; also,
    if number(s) are specifically for Work or Home, please indicate W or
    H (and we can place it in the correct subfields for finger(1)).
8. At least one good contact email address, no more than two; if
    unspecified we'll presume the Reply-to: or From: header information
    in your email provides appropriate email address
9. Please tell us at least a teensy bit about how you will or intend to
    assist BALUG via the use of your login account (e.g. webmaster,
    systems administration, troubleshooting and assistance (e.g. with
    webmaster and/or systems administration)), etc.


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