[BALUG-Admin] Need Help w/ Tueday Meeting (Projector & Screen)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Feb 16 00:19:10 PST 2009

I probably won't be able to assist with schepping projector/screen
to/from meeting, but ...

We do have converter thingy for use with the restaurant's video
equipment, if need be, ... not great (drops VGA type output down
to NTSC) ... but it is workable, and if the text/graphics aren't
too small, it's not all that bad (but yes, higher resolution direct
projection with closer screen is preferable - when we can manage that).

... I should also get "reminder" out to BALUG (and SF-LUG) shortly (like
within the next few hours or so) ... anything we need/want to add on

As many folks will be off Monday, I want to get it out rather shortly, so
there might be a better chance of them noticing it and remembering ...
before it gets to be too late (for them to RSVP to us, or for them to
make the meeting at all).

Quoting "Andrew Fife" <AFife@untangle.com>:

> Hey Folks:
> Just realized that I'm out of town for a conference this week and  
> won't be able to make the BALUG meeting on Tuesday.  Since I  
> normally bring the projector and screen is anybody willing to pick  
> them up from Untangle's office in San Mateo?  Or alternatively bring  
> another projector and screen?  Given how poor the restaurant's video  
> projector is, it would be highly advisable to use something else.
> Untangle's address is:
> 2800 Campus Drive
> Suite 100
> San Mateo, CA 94403
> If anyone is able to pickup the projector and screen, please let me  
> know so that I can in turn tell my co-workers whom to expect.
> -Andrew
> --
> Andrew Fife
> Untangle
> 650.425.3327 desk
> 415.806.6028 cell

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