[BALUG-Admin] permission to post regarding UC Berkeley Extension Linux Short Courses

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 7 13:42:47 PST 2009

Quoting Valerie Dow (vdow@unex.berkeley.edu):

> I'm fairly new to UC Berkeley Extension. We have a cluster of intensive
> Linux short courses that start this month.  Is it appropriate for me to post
> an announcement about the courses on the BALUG-TALK list?  I've attached a
> press release. Let me know if it's possible to announce these courses to
> BALUG and the best way to do so.

Oh, I think that would be fine.  I'm cc'ing the balug-admin mailing list
to solicit other comments if any.

Please strongly consider copying and pasting the substantive contents of
your MS-Word file inline into your posting's body text -- or in some
other way post real ASCII -- as opposed to file-attaching an MS-Word
document to the mailing list.  Posting binary-format attachments to
mailing lists is, in general, a bad idea.

(If my point is unclear, please say so, and I'll be glad to clarify.)

In fact, I've just run the press release through a filter that extracts
plaintext from MS-Word files, so here y'are:

   UC Berkeley Extension Announces Embedded Linux Short Courses

   January 7, 2009, Berkeley CA

   UC Berkeley Extension announces four new intensive embedded Linux
   courses in its spring line up starting January 26 in Redwood City
   taught by Dr. Kevin Dankwardt, an author, speaker, and instructor who
   has specialized in embedded Linux for the last 10 years.

   "Unlike most of our other courses," says UC Extension Program Director
   Jim Connor, "these are short, intensive courses lasting one to five
   consecutive days that are designed to provide software developers with
   a very efficient, accelerated learning experience." The courses are
   very hands-on with a wealth of practical exercises so a developer or
   an entire team could take all four of these courses in January and
   early February", says Connor, "and have a rapid ramp up working with
   embedded Linux."

   The short courses, held in Redwood City, are:

   Linux Application Program Design and Development

   January 26-30, 8 am - 3 pm

   EDP 326223

   Linux Device Driver Issues Design and Development

   January 26-30, 3 pm - 10 pm

   EDP 326321

   Real-time Linux Design Development and Measurement

   January 31, 8 am - 6 pm

   EDP 326249

   Embedded Linux Design and Development

   February 2-4, 8 am - 7 pm

   EDP 326215

   Students should have some experience with UNIX/Linux fundamentals and
   C. "These four short courses complement each other, says Extension's
   Jim Connor. "Developers who work at the application level or kernel
   level will benefit greatly from each of them. We're very excited to
   have these short courses as part of our program this spring," says

   Dr. Dankwardt earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from The Center For
   Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana (Lafayette),
   and held a professorship at Louisiana Tech University where he served
   as Chairman of the Computer Science Department. Additionally, he
   chairs the Education committee of the Embedded Linux consortium, and
   serves as contributing Editor to LinuxDevices.com.

   Founded in 1891, UC Berkeley Extension, [1]www.unex.berkeley.edu, is
   the continuing education branch of the University of California
   Berkeley. Today, Extension offers 1,500 courses each year, including
   online courses, along with more than 30 certificate and professional

   To find out more about these Linux courses and other open source
   courses offered at UC Berkeley Extension this term, visit
   [2]http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/cat/cis.html#openos or call
   510.642.4150. To find out about the computer technology and
   information management program at UC Berkeley Extension, visit

   # # # #


   1. http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/
   2. http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/cat/cis.html#openos
   3. http://www.unex.berkeley.edu/it

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