[BALUG-Admin] how to (and not to) post to lists, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Jan 10 10:52:25 PST 2009


You've emailed/posted/etc. many many times about how to, and how not to
post to lists, etc. (e.g. plain text, don't do attachments, etc.) ... and
we thank you very much for that!  :-) ...

To hopefully be a bit more proactive, do you have recommended web page(s)
(most any suitable URL will do - but probably best if it's a web page or
the like that at least somebody somewhere can tweak/update as/when suitable,
rather than a read-only archived message that's web accessible) somewhere
on that topic (if not, we could potentially create one, if we wanted).

Anyway, I was thinking, adding a few brief mentions about such on our
list pages (the ones with the policy stuff, etc.), and linking to such,
might help folks better use the lists to start with, and have fewer
questions/issues to be emailed/posted about, etc. (and also keep us from
tossing too much text onto those list policy pages themselves).

Let us know.


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