[BALUG-Admin] [BALUG-Talk] RSV #'s - Re: [BALUG-Announce] BALUG: Tu 2009-01-20 Kyle Rankin on Where'd my files go?

Andrew Fife AFife@untangle.com
Wed Jan 21 01:10:42 PST 2009

Michael Paoli wrote:

>And no, ... "magic" number to pretty much assure we'll have dinner in the
>"upper room" (3rd floor banquet room) is 40 - so we ate "downstairs"
>(2nd floor main dining room), and went upstairs for the talk/presentation.

An important clarification is that the 40 RSVP number is only "magic" the day before the event.  We have on a couple of occasions had 40 turn up for dinner, but that is irrelevant to eating upstairs because the Four Seas naturally needs advance notice to prep and staff their upstairs kitchen.   

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