[BALUG-Admin] I'll also update http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-announce-balug.org

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Mar 30 22:11:43 PDT 2009

Quoting "Rick Moen" <rick@linuxmafia.com>:

> Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):
>> I'll also update
>> http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-announce-balug.org
>> to make [1] a bit more clear (it's already quite clear on
>> http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-talk-balug.org
>> and
>> http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-admin-balug.org
>> ).
> Intending no criticism, here, Michael, but I'll be curious to see what
> you'll be making a bit more clear.

It was perhaps subtle enough one might not even notice.
Anyway, on:
I added (note also placement, emphapsis, and link used in the above)
(If you're subscribed to other BALUG list(s), but not this one we may
subscribe you! See: BALUG-announce-do-not-auto-add.html if you want to
be exempted from that and/or for additional related information.)
... mostly just to round out covering the bases and for preventive
maintenance purposes - e.g. scenario where someone's subscribed to
"announce" and also subscribed to other BALUG list(s) - so they're not,
perhaps repeatedly, surprised finding themselves resubscribed to
"announce".  It's covered rather/quite well elsewhere, ... but folks
tend to forget.  Not much of an issue yet, as the auto-add thing isn't
yet fully automated (once I have the data - which I gather once in a
while anyway for backup purposes (typically about monthly or so) - run a
script, paste two places on the "mass subscribe" form, and the relevant
folk(s) are added to "announce").

> One reason not to try to make Mailman listinfo pages "a bit more clear"
> about unsubscribing is, in my experience, if you overexplain, people
> tend to think you're not serious, which then encourages them to say
> things like "unsubscribe me; I tried and it doesn't work."

Yes, point well taken (and you've made the point well before, too :-)).
I tried to keep the additions/changes relatively minimalist,
appropriately placed, easily referencing (but not directly including)
details as appropriate (done via a link), and with the appropriate
emphasis on key point(s).

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