[BALUG-Admin] let's get (at least that first) BALUG host moved - evening of 2009-09-28?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 9 22:48:28 PDT 2009

How about the evening of 2009-09-28 for at least that BALUG host move?
We can work out timing details between now and then,
and what we are/aren't going to do at that time.

Should also allow me(/us) sufficient time for planning, any needed
pre-move backups, etc.

Just to clarify, BALUG uses several systems (with different bits of
interdependency) ... theoretically we get to a quite redundant
infrastructure at some point - but we're definitely not there yet.

Various BALUG systems (in whole, shared, and/or virtual):

DNS: David Sifry

Dreamhost hosted services (BALUG: active and legacy production)

Jim's tower (sf-lug.com - shared with BALUG) (BALUG: active production
but no realtime production dependencies)

Silicon Mechanics (donated to SF-LUG, shared (Xen VM) by BALUG) (BALUG:
some production but no realtime production dependencies)

Untangle VM - BALUG VM is MIA as of about a month ago (I need to
follow-up with Untangle on that) - BALUG: no realtime production
dependencies currently

Quoting jim <jim@well.com>:

>    i've finally got a ribbon cable/connector for the
> PCMI card, so let's move the 1U machine that's hosting
> the balug web site from the sfccp location to the
> servepath location. i've been paying for the slot,
> which is supposed to be used by the systemateka.com
> machine; i've got to get that machine in.
>    seems to me we should make a trip to the servepath
> colo and see where's the existing machine and where
> we'll put the 1U, then at another time (soon after)
> go to the sfccp colo (at 200 Paul) and take the 1U
> out, install the PCMI cable, and take it to the
> servepath colo (don't forget to reconfig the NICs
> for the servepath IPs rather than the sfccp IPs).
>    at that time i'll reclaim my tower machine that's
> been at the servepath colo and bring it home, where
> i'll make it available, via ssh, to the internet.
> jim
> 415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime

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