[BALUG-Admin] let's get (at least that first) BALUG host moved - evening of 2009-09-28?

jim jim@well.com
Wed Sep 9 22:56:20 PDT 2009

   monday 22090928 looks okay to me at this point. 
probably after 6 PM, yes? 
   i think it'll be good to take a trip to the 
servepath colo in advance of The Move, so's to 
scout it out and ensure that we actually can get 
in (security clearance, etc.). 
   The Move will include bring down the host, 
install the IPMI cable, take the thing to 
servepath, put the machine in the rack, change 
the IP address to use those that servepath 
provides rather than those SFCCP provides. 

   please let's verify the date asap so i can 
start getting the servepath access act together 
(normally only three persons max are permitted 
access; if more will participate, i'll need to 
get permission). 

   thank you, michael. 
415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime 

On Wed, 2009-09-09 at 22:48 -0700, Michael Paoli wrote:
> How about the evening of 2009-09-28 for at least that BALUG host move?
> We can work out timing details between now and then,
> and what we are/aren't going to do at that time.
> Should also allow me(/us) sufficient time for planning, any needed
> pre-move backups, etc.
> Just to clarify, BALUG uses several systems (with different bits of
> interdependency) ... theoretically we get to a quite redundant
> infrastructure at some point - but we're definitely not there yet.
> Various BALUG systems (in whole, shared, and/or virtual):
> DNS: David Sifry
> Dreamhost hosted services (BALUG: active and legacy production)
> Jim's tower (sf-lug.com - shared with BALUG) (BALUG: active production
> but no realtime production dependencies)
> Silicon Mechanics (donated to SF-LUG, shared (Xen VM) by BALUG) (BALUG:
> some production but no realtime production dependencies)
> Untangle VM - BALUG VM is MIA as of about a month ago (I need to
> follow-up with Untangle on that) - BALUG: no realtime production
> dependencies currently
> Quoting jim <jim@well.com>:
> >    i've finally got a ribbon cable/connector for the
> > PCMI card, so let's move the 1U machine that's hosting
> > the balug web site from the sfccp location to the
> > servepath location. i've been paying for the slot,
> > which is supposed to be used by the systemateka.com
> > machine; i've got to get that machine in.
> >    seems to me we should make a trip to the servepath
> > colo and see where's the existing machine and where
> > we'll put the 1U, then at another time (soon after)
> > go to the sfccp colo (at 200 Paul) and take the 1U
> > out, install the PCMI cable, and take it to the
> > servepath colo (don't forget to reconfig the NICs
> > for the servepath IPs rather than the sfccp IPs).
> >    at that time i'll reclaim my tower machine that's
> > been at the servepath colo and bring it home, where
> > i'll make it available, via ssh, to the internet.
> > jim
> > 415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime

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