[BALUG-Admin] List question

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Sep 19 11:33:40 PDT 2009

No, ... you can't send to the "announce" list, but you could to the
"talk" list - if/once you're subscribed to it.
[also note you can't send/post to balug-admin@lists.balug.org (CCed on this
email) unless you're subscribed to balug-admin@lists.balug.org]


Quoting "Guy B. Purcell" <guy@extragalactic.net>:

> I'm the current secretary of BayLISA, and am looking to send our  
> meeting announcements to a broader audience when appropriate. I've  
> skimmed the archives for your balug-announce@ list, and don't see  
> any announcements for meetings other than the BALUG ones. Would it  
> be OK to post the occasional BayLISA meeting announcement to this  
> list, too?
> Topics are generally UNIX related, with many applicable to managing  
> Linux. For example, this month's meeting features a talk by the  
> principle author of Firewall Builder, and I believe next month will  
> be a demo/discussion of Zenoss.

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