[BALUG-Admin] DNS slaves for BALUG? :-)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Fri Feb 19 03:30:06 PST 2016

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> If you could please, and would be willing,
> could you cover DNS slave services for BALUG,
> notably these zones:
> e.
> balug.org
> master(s) (all for each of the above):
> 2001:470:1f04:19e::2
> Do note, however, that at present time,
> balug.org is NOT (yet) Internet delegated to those IPs - I don't expect
> that to happen until we extricate ourselves from DreamHost.com - however
> in the meantime it is maintained quite highly alike to the balug.org.
> DNS data on DreamHost.com - I check periodically, and only differences
> I'm aware of are SOA MNAME, RNAME, and often the REFRESH (I don't know
> where they get their REFRESH number from - it seems to vary some fair
> bit, with no particular discernible pattern) and I tend to keep the
> serial # one ahead of DreamHost.com (at least most of the time when I
> check/notice it).  If you'd prefer, for balug.org, could also
> just set up as "warm standby" - verify (to-be) slaves can do
> AXFR pull, and put most of the configuration in place, but just
> don't actually activate it until DNS is fully and properly Internet
> delegated (or we're free from DreamHost.com and about to so delegate).
> I'm presuming you could do/offer this on both ns1.linuxmafia.com. and
> also ns1.svlug.org.?  That would be great, if you're able to.
> I'm also presuming the various IP information and out-of-band
> communication information is still the same as when we set up
> slaves for sf-lug.org (plus any relevant updates received since then).

Yes and yes.

Please be advised that I'm in Sydney, NSW, Australia through tonight 
(it being 10:28 PM, here), and will be taking an extremely looooong
flight tomorrow (Saturday the 20th), arriving back very exhausted,
jet-lagged, and with incredibly huge amounts of unread e-mail and
backlogged tasks when I arrive home late Saturday.  So, I may not be
able to carry out any promised actions for a few days after that.

Will advise.

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