[BALUG-Admin] DNS slaves for BALUG? :-)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 19 03:16:35 PST 2016


If you could please, and would be willing,
could you cover DNS slave services for BALUG,
notably these zones:
master(s) (all for each of the above):
Do note, however, that at present time,
balug.org is NOT (yet) Internet delegated to those IPs - I don't expect
that to happen until we extricate ourselves from DreamHost.com - however
in the meantime it is maintained quite highly alike to the balug.org.
DNS data on DreamHost.com - I check periodically, and only differences
I'm aware of are SOA MNAME, RNAME, and often the REFRESH (I don't know
where they get their REFRESH number from - it seems to vary some fair
bit, with no particular discernible pattern) and I tend to keep the
serial # one ahead of DreamHost.com (at least most of the time when I
check/notice it).  If you'd prefer, for balug.org, could also
just set up as "warm standby" - verify (to-be) slaves can do
AXFR pull, and put most of the configuration in place, but just
don't actually activate it until DNS is fully and properly Internet
delegated (or we're free from DreamHost.com and about to so delegate).

I'm presuming you could do/offer this on both ns1.linuxmafia.com. and
also ns1.svlug.org.?  That would be great, if you're able to.

I'm also presuming the various IP information and out-of-band
communication information is still the same as when we set up
slaves for sf-lug.org (plus any relevant updates received since then).

Just let me know, thanks (can also email just me directly for any bits
that ought not get publicly archived, etc.).

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