[BALUG-Admin] DreamHost.com - yes, others (besides BALUG) also notice issues

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sat Jul 8 15:19:39 PDT 2017

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):

> Yes, we're certainly not the only ones to notice DreamHost.com
> having issues, e.g.:
> https://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/30/36#subj22

HTMLisation for purposes of presentation in the
https://catless.ncl.ac.uk/ digest version messes up the cron job a bit 
(eliminating semantically vital spaces).  The correct version can be
seen on the underlying comp.risks newsgroup, and I find it delightful
and useful:

# This gives me a whole week (expr 60 \* 60 \* 24 \* 7 : 604800) 
# after reboot to figure out which process was the memory hog: 
* * * * * if test $(sed 's/\..*//' /proc/uptime) -gt 604800; then set -e -- $(date +\%M); COLUMNS=500 top -b -n 1 -c > TOP.${1#[0-9]}; fi 
# Yes, need to run once a minute, as Dreamhost takes no snapshots of 
# the system before rebooting it. 

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