[BALUG-Admin] Config settings (was: pre-announce / "soft" open) BALUG-Test list)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 11 20:53:56 PDT 2017

Great, sounds excellent - thanks.  :-)

BALUG-Test or balug-test would be appropriate (depending on
context, etc.), but not Balug-test - I think it must've defaulted
to initial cap on that, as I'd not altered that.
Only bit on case I'd changed was
The public name of this list ("real name") to: BALUG-Test
If I recall correctly it had original default of balug-test,
though *maybe* it initially defaulted to Balug-test?

Send monthly password reminders?  Don't think I'd changed that
from the default.  Probably doesn't matter much at all for
BALUG-Test.  For BALUG-{Admin,Talk,Announce} might be best to
match - or at least approximate - existing configurations being
migraged ... at least excepting where they're clearly wrong/broken.

At some point I'll probably create some temporary list(s) then drop
the list shortly thereafter - most notably to see how their defaults
come up ... but that's not a high priority, as actual need to add/drop
list ought be pretty rare.

I think so far the only message that got held for moderation was
both legitimate ... and legitimate hold ... it was where I'd
Bcced the list ... "good enough" to make it past anti-spam fine,
but atypical enough for mailman to effectively go "hold on here a sec. ...".

Send mail to poster when their posting is held for approval?
(Edit respond_to_post_requests) ... debatable, not critical,
can revisit that later or as lists migrate match to what they
currently have ("least astonishment" and all that).

Replace the From: header address with the list's posting address to  
mitigate issues stemming from the original From: domain's DMARC or  
similar policies.
(from_is_list) - looks like that's set to: No Do nothing special
... anyway, probably should reasonably do as existing lists - if that's
not too broken; in any case, can review later.

And ... looking over one other list of same installation, which I'd
not tweaked configuration on at all ... looks like that's the
default (No Do nothing special) ... which seems at least a reasonable
default (may or may not be "best" ... depending, etc. ... but probably
ought not alter that without specifically opting to make such a change).

And yes, I do see in that other list ... real_name and subject_prefix
default to initial cap and rest in lowercase.

Send monthly password reminders? - looks like that has a default of No
on new lists.  Seems a very reasonable default, but ... "least
astonishment" 'n all that.  If feasible, I may see if I can web scrape
existing member's preference information ... most notably to pick
up any reasonably detectable non-defaults.  May or may not manage
to do that ... that's somewhere roughly around middle of priorities
in the migration & related set 'o priorities.  I'm also guestimating
that changing the list setting only impacts subsequently added
members?  Anyway, can test/check that, but thinking that's likely
the case.

Anyway, much thanks on the review, adjustments, and information.  :-)

> From: "Rick Moen" <rick@linuxmafia.com>
> Subject: [BALUG-Admin] Config settings (was: pre-announce / "soft"  
> open) BALUG-Test list)
> Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2017 17:02:07 -0700

> 1.  On https://temp.balug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/balug-test/general ,
> added myself to lisadmin roster.
> Changed max_days_to_hold from 0 to 5.  Rationale:  Makes held spam
> expire out with reasonable speed, while still allowing for listadmin
> reaction time.  (One of my guiding principles of Mailman administration
> is that if you find yourself trying to outwork mailbots, you're doing it
> wrong.  Along those lines, if you're repeatedly visiting the admin queue
> to clear it even though you know from the held-mail summaries that it's
> 100% spam, then you're trying to outwork mailbots.)  I personally lead
> towards 3 rather than 5, sufficient to notice something on a holiday
> weekend.  (On 'conspire', I actually have this as '2'.)
> Corrected subject_prefix from '[Balug-test]' to '[balug-test]'.
> Noted without particular comment (except 'OK with me'):  You've
> seemingly toggled send_reminders (monthly password reminder) to 'no'.
> Last I saw, Mailman installation default is 'yes'.
> Changed 'respond_to_post_requests' aka 'Send mail to poster when their
> posting is held for approval?' to 'no'.
> 2.  On  
> https://temp.balug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/balug-test/privacy/sender  
> :
> Changed 'dmarc_moderation_action' from 'Accept' to 'Munge From'.  This
> is a huge topic where mailing list are collateral damage in the war
> against SMTP forgery, and where listadmins have only sucky options to
> choose among.  We can discuss this further.
> (The committee of jackbooted fascists who designed DMARC either hated
> mailing lists or simply didn't give a damn about them.)

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