[BALUG-Admin] Hundreds of bounces on balug-announce post; DNSBL troubles

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 20 00:06:09 UTC 2022

Also:  Let's consider disabling monthly "password reminder" mail-outs
for all subscribers on all mailing lists.  That feature has on balance
caused nothing but trouble, including genuine subscribers reporting 
the reminder mails as UCE to the DNSBLs.  Any subscriber who wants 
his/her password mailed back would still be able to do so.

Another thing I noticed:  All four BALUG-* lists have the listadmin
e-mail address set to balug-admin-owner@lists.balug.org, rather than
directly to more than one individual's real mailbox.

I've talked before about the several reasons listing a redirector
(either a Mailman list, or some sort of /etc/aliases-type reflector) as
the publicly advertised listadmin contact address is a really bad idea.

(a) There's no transparency.  It is better to be able to publicly 
    see who/where listadmin mail goes.
(b) /etc/aliases-type reflectors are problematic in the era of
    SMTP forgery.
(c) Also, when the end-address is undeliverable, the error-reporting
    tend to go nowhere.

I believe I'd already urged, in the past, subbing in listadmins' real
e-mail addresses, for all balug-* mailing lists.  I'm now repeating.

Like many other forms of indirect references, it feels clever and
flexible when you do it, but comes back to bite you over time.

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