[BALUG-Admin] RFC Ignorant DNSBL: removal requested from "postmaster" DNSBL

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 26 02:13:29 UTC 2022

I used http://rfc-clueless.org/request/removal to request removal of the
"postmaster" listing for FQDN balug.org, which indirectly caused the
listing of lists.balug.org.

The database entry shown at http://rfc-clueless.org/lookup/balug.org
says that this was an entry on 2012-09-27 17:27:28, and was imported
from Derek Balling's original postmaster.rfc-ignorant.org DNSBL, for
which rfc-clueless.org is a replacement created when Balling's DNSBL
went away.

http://rfc-clueless.org/pages/removal_process says "You may only request
removal from a given list once within a seven-day period".

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