[Balug-announce] BALUG meeting 2005-09-20 7:00 P.M. PDT. at Four Seas Restaurant

Michael T. Halligan michael@halligan.org
Mon Sep 19 21:24:26 PDT 2005

Does it always have to be on Tuesdays, and at the Four Seasons? Not to 
be a pest, but this is
one of the three great cities for dining in America. Consistency is 
nice, but must it be at the expense
of our taste buds?

If it has to be Chinese, how about the Jasmine Teahouse in the Mission? 
Less touristy, grittier neighborhood,
equally bad parking, much better food at the same price.  Or it could be 
at 1930s Shanghai in the financial district, at
Mission & Embarcadero. 1930s is more touristy, more expensive, worse 
food, but with easier parking. 

For a treat, how about thai food? It could probably be done at the 
oldest thai restaurant in SF, Khan Toke.  Great
atmosphere, awesome food, reasonable prices, sunken seating, and 
slightly better parking.. Also, anybody not from
SF is guaranteed to get hopelessly loss, ensuring that hijinks ensues!

Even better, we could reserve a private room at El Mansour. Moroccan 
food, belly dancers, and an internet cafe
right next door, plus it's walking distance from my house, and a 
romantic park for those who find their true loves
at  the next LUG.

If it has to be near the Tenderknob/Union Square, may I suggest Scala's 
Bistro? I believe they have a private room.. They're
touristy, but a bit expensive for a friendly get together such as this.. 
They do have great duck, awesome atmosphere, and
a fine scotch collection.. OK, so they're a bit too loud for a meeting, 
but on the other hand, nobody would hear us yelling our
opinions on security and the viability of Linux as a desktop at each other!

Michael Paoli wrote:

>Reminder: BALUG meeting this Tuesday, 2005-09-20, 7:00 P.M. PDT. at
>Four Seas Restaurant
>731 Grant Ave.
>San Francisco, CA 94108-2113
>At this time we don't have a scheduled speaker for this meeting, but that doesn't
>prevent us from having interesting and exciting meetings.  [Have questions
>or a topic you'd like discussed?  Bring your own "agenda", talk/ask about items
>on it at the meeting, and it'll likely then be something we talk about :-)]
>We will likely also have some traces of giveaway items ("door prizes") at this
>Watch this space for updates about the October meeting :-)

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