[Balug-Announce] BALUG 2007-08-21: Ryan & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros - How to Start a Community Colo; etc.

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BALUG 2007-08-21: Ryan & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros - How to Start a Community
Colo; etc.


BALUG 2007-08-21:
Ryan & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros - How to Start a Community Colo; etc.
meeting fee $13.00 (includes dinner)
door prizes - books, magazines, and other goodies
BALUG fortune cookie!

For our 2007-08-21 BALUG meeting we are pleased to present:
Ryan & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros - How to Start a Community Colo

[Editor's note: lots of exciting stuff: technical/legal
considerations, experiences and lessons learned, educational and
mentoring opportunities, much etc.]

San Francisco Community Colo is a node in a larger network of
non-profit colocation facilities springing up around the country.
CCP's leverage community participation to drive down the costs of
server colocation by evenly distributing costs within a transparent,
open organization.

This enables non-profits and community groups to rack their servers in
high-availability, high-speed facilities at an affordable cost.
We will discuss organizational logistics that we've learned and we'll
also talk about the practical and philosophical reasons for building
and supporting non-commercial Internet infrastructure.

Ryan Bagueros has worked in the Internet industry for over 10 years in
the San Francisco Bay Area. He was head of engineering at Tagged.com,
one of the fastest growing social networking websites today, and went
on to found his own company, northxsouth.com, an open source business
with offices in North & South America.

Isabela Fernandes Bagueros helped build one of Latin America's largest
independent media networks in Brazil. She's also worked with the
federal government of Brazil, migrating their systems to open source,
free software. She now lives in the SF Bay Area, working on a number
of digital media and open source projects, including the San Francisco
Community Colo.

San Francisco Community Colocation Project[1] http://www.sfccp.net/
meeting time, location, and lots of other great BALUG information[9]

BALUG meeting fee has been increased to $13.00 - still a great deal!

For that relative bargain price you get:
wonderful folks to hang out with and talk LINUX and related stuff
generally quite ample portions of good Chinese food (we share "family
style", and I think it typically includes about seven or more different
dishes prepared for us)
often/typically (but not always) a speaker/presentation
sometimes also door prize giveaways (e.g. books, t-shirts)
tax and tip is already included

This is the first time the restaurant has gotten any more out of us
since at least 1999-02-16[2] and probably the very beginnings of BALUG
and our very first meeting (the restaurant will now be getting $12.00
per person from us - including tax and tip; the additional $1.00 of the
$13.00 goes towards buying dinner for speaker(s) and other miscellaneous
BALUG expenses - it wasn't until 2005-11-15[3] that we added that $1.00
to at least partially cover such BALUG expenses).


Door prizes!

Yes, we have some giveaway items (books, magazines, etc.)[4]  At least
presently, this is mostly stuff we got from/via LinuxWorld - mostly
generously donated books for User Groups from various publishers, but
also including other items (e.g. t-shirt(s), DVDs/CDs, etc.)

BALUG fortune cookies![5]

Yes, we gave away a lot of fortune cookies at LinuxWorld Expo,
with one side of the "fortune" having a custom printed BALUG
message.  Most of the fortune cookies were given away at LinuxWorld,
but we do (or at least did) have some left over.  We hope to have
at least some for our 2007-08-21 BALUG meeting, so folks can at least
see them if they've not yet seen them, and we might possibly still
have some for folks to help distribute.  Much thanks to Untangle.com[6]
and other BALUG contributors for making this possible.  (one side of
the "fortune" has Untangle.com promotional message - Untangle.com
did cover significantly over half of the fortune cookie production
costs).  We also, at least "temporarily", changed the main BALUG web
page a bit to tie in with the LinuxWorld fortune cookie giveaway, and
did also create an additional web page with a bit more information on
the BALUG fortune cookies.  Expect to see some more information on
there hopefully relatively soon (when webmaster(s) have a bit more
time to update that stuff a more completely).  We're still also looking
for some digital pictures of the fortune cookies[7][8].


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