[BALUG-Talk] links to slides from Alison's systemd talk for lugod

GoOSSBears acohen36@linuxwaves.com
Wed May 20 13:54:20 PDT 2015

Here is a further accumulation of related and referenced systemd links in rough date order, including those forwarded within jim's most recent posting[1]:

Alison Chaiken's Embedded Linux Development Resources[2] 'Presentations' section
2015-05-18 "Systemd: the modern init system you will learn to love"
2015-03-23 "Tuning systemd for embedded"
2015-02-21 "Systemd for developers"
2015-01-07 "Systemd: the modern init system you will learn to love"
(note from previous Bay Area Debian[3] posting 'Here we go: devuan'[4], that the slides from this last presentation were previously submitted)

2015-05-18 - most recent edit of 'systemd System and Service Manager' by Lennart Poettering himself[5] 

2015-04-29 'SystemdForUpstartUsers'[6]

2015-04-28 Debian wiki's 'systemd'[7]

2014-11-06  'Intro to Systemd Runlevels and Service Management Commands'[8]

2014-09-05 'Colourful ! systemd vs sysVinit Linux Cheatsheet'[9]

Please feel free to correct or add your own helpful systemd-related links as well!

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