[BALUG-Talk] BALUG: June meeting: DC/OS; May meeting (perhaps) general discussion with topic: Security for Developers from a Sysadmin Perspective

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sun May 6 15:04:46 PDT 2018

More to be on web site soon, and then announcements ...

We've recently confirmed Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph for 2018-06-19:
the open source version: DC/OS (the datacenter operating system)
description and "slides" from earlier similar:

And this month - 2018-05-15 - don't have a speaker/presentation
lined up or confirmed, but I was thinking possibly, if we don't come up
with something else soon, perhaps discussion topic:
Security for Developers from a Sysadmin Perspective (notably  
including: least privilege, permissions, users/groups,  
isolation/containment, architecture, trust relationships, etc.)
... or how to tell developers & architects to plan/do accordingly to avoid
security pitfalls (other than the typical code booboos and weaknesses that
they're often relatively well aware of ... thinking more the "everything
else" - notably in the context of Linux - that they often don't think quite
as much about but ought more fully consider and be aware of).

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