[BALUG-Talk] venue (was: Re: In-person BALUG at (some) Henry's Hunan restaurant)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue May 11 22:24:36 UTC 2021

I wrote:

> > Anyway, some others I'm at least partially familiar with ...
> > 
> > 647 Sacramento St.  Smaller location, pretty sure I've never eaten there.
> The page on Yelp
> (https://www.yelp.com/biz/henrys-hunan-restaurant-san-francisco-4) has a 
> January 11, 2021 notice from the restauranteurs:  "Hello, this location
> is temporarily closed.  Please contact our Mission (415-585-8838) and
> Church (415-826-9189) street locations for service."
> However, nice catch.  That's the one still-extant Henry's location I
> missed, yesterday.

BTW, you seem to have transposed digits:  Correct address is _674_
Sacramento (near Kearny).  Google Maps claims they are _not_ yet doing
indoor dining -- but there are also no customer reviews more recent than
about a year ago.  FWIW, the storefront as seen from Google Street View
seems quite small, in the sense that the entire building is only about
16' wide along the sidewalk (and the frontage is shared with a different
business, too).

Oh, and I just noticed that Google Maps _does_ include some photos of
businesses' indoors, under tab "Vibe" or "Photos" (depending on the
business).  Yes, confirmed that it's pretty small and a bit cramped, in

Revisiting the matter of the 4753 Mission (Excelsior district) location, 
Google Maps's interior photos seem to show a medium-spacious facility
that includes some number of 1950s-style vinyl-backed booths.  

Google Maps indoor photos of the 1016 Bryant St. location (outer SoMa
district west of Mission Bay, reportedly takeout/delivery-only for now)
show a modest place with regular chairs and tables with only maybe two
tables able to accomodate a >6-person dining party.

Google Maps indoor photos of the 1708 Church (upper Noe Valley) location
(claimed to be takeout + delivery, for now) make it look small and snug.

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