[BALUG-Talk] venue (was: Re: In-person BALUG at (some) Henry's Hunan restaurant)

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed May 12 00:12:10 UTC 2021

Following up:

> With San Francisco County having recently entered Yellow Tier, I expect
> we'll be seeing more reopenings and expanded service.  (San Mateo County
> is stuck for now in Orange Tier, moderate risk).

Update:  San Mateo County just entered Yellow Tier (minimal risk), too,
starting midnight tonight.  That'll mean these new permissions (added to
what's already OK):

restaurants @50% capacity
bars @25% capacity
cinemas @50% capacity
family entertainment centres @50% capacity
amusement parks @25% indoors, 35% outdoors
wineries, breweries, and distilleries @50% capacity
places of worship @50% capacity
mall food courts @50% capacity
gyms, fitness centres @50% capacity, and saunas / steam rooms
sleepaway camps starting June 1, with modifications

Live events @67% capacity with modifications & in-state visitors only

I normally would not go into that level of detail about San Mateo County
on the BALUG list, but it's also a nice recap of what new openings San
Francisco County declared a few days ago -- the point being that we can
probably expect a number of SF restaurant openings for indoor dining,
soon, since more restaurants will be able to make that make economic

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