[Balug-admin] BALUG 2005-05-17 meeting presentation

Xavier balug-talk@xav.to
Wed Apr 20 15:40:52 PDT 2005

Michael Paoli wrote:
> And yes, I'm confirming for the presentation for the BALUG 2005-05-17
>  meeting.
> For the web site ... hmmmm, might first want to correct the presently
>  self-contradictory text (or whatever/however it was generated): "The
>  next meeting is today (Tuesday, May 17th) at 7pm"

Fixed yesterday IIRC.

Thanks for pointing it out though!
(not being sarcastic this time around, I really value it)

> Anyway, for at least a short(?) little blurb to update the web site,
>  at the moment, you can add this on there (or if this is way too
> long, see the shorter alternative version further below):

I set the calendar entry to say:

This month, Michael Paoli will be giving a presentation on the Logical
Volume Manager (LVM) on Linux.
Learn how the LVM allows for a powerful and flexible management of hard
drive space. Live demonstration included.

Then I threw in a section mid-front page to extol:

    Coming up...

For our May 17th meeting, we will have a presentation by Michael Paoli
about the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on Linux. Attendees will learn
how LVM allows for the rather powerful and flexible management of hard
drive space, including the relocation of a mounted filesystem to another
hard drive, or growing it without particular regard to partition boundaries.

The meeting presentation also promises to include live demonstration of
some of LVM's capabilities.

You might notice I just frankensteined your blurbs, I hope that is okay,
if not it can be changed.

> I'll also put together a bit more polished text that can be used for 
> BALUG-announce, etc.  Expect that within a week (holler if you need 
> it sooner).

I don't forsee a rush.

It is awesome that you provided blurbs to work with. BTW

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