[Balug-admin] BALUG 2005-05-17 meeting presentation (& BALUG web text)

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Wed Apr 20 21:08:03 PDT 2005

Yes, that works fine for the main web site page.  With the present
layout it doesn't provide a whole lot of space for plopping a lot of
text in there anyway ... which can also be considered a feature, for
meetings when we don't have any specific presentation/speaker.

Quoting Xavier <balug-talk@xav.to>:

> Michael Paoli wrote:
> > And yes, I'm confirming for the presentation for the BALUG 2005-05-17
> >  meeting.
> > 
> > For the web site ... hmmmm, might first want to correct the presently
> >  self-contradictory text (or whatever/however it was generated): "The
> >  next meeting is today (Tuesday, May 17th) at 7pm"
> Fixed yesterday IIRC.
> Thanks for pointing it out though!
> (not being sarcastic this time around, I really value it)
> > Anyway, for at least a short(?) little blurb to update the web site,
> >  at the moment, you can add this on there (or if this is way too
> > long, see the shorter alternative version further below):
> [...]
> I set the calendar entry to say:
> This month, Michael Paoli will be giving a presentation on the Logical
> Volume Manager (LVM) on Linux.
> Learn how the LVM allows for a powerful and flexible management of hard
> drive space. Live demonstration included.
> Then I threw in a section mid-front page to extol:
>     Coming up...
> For our May 17th meeting, we will have a presentation by Michael Paoli
> about the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on Linux. Attendees will learn
> how LVM allows for the rather powerful and flexible management of hard
> drive space, including the relocation of a mounted filesystem to another
> hard drive, or growing it without particular regard to partition
> boundaries.
> The meeting presentation also promises to include live demonstration of
> some of LVM's capabilities.
> You might notice I just frankensteined your blurbs, I hope that is okay,
> if not it can be changed.
> > I'll also put together a bit more polished text that can be used for 
> > BALUG-announce, etc.  Expect that within a week (holler if you need 
> > it sooner).
> I don't forsee a rush.
> It is awesome that you provided blurbs to work with. BTW

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