[Balug-admin] Re: LVM presentation ... audio

Xavier balug-talk@xav.to
Sun Jun 5 01:51:04 PDT 2005

Michael Paoli wrote:
> Thanks, ... I did manage to get it today.

I bore witness to that.

I'll prolly axe the torrent on the 12th, get the raw while its hot (and
still has over one seed)!

> The base recording seems quite usable, certainly at least for source 
> audio.

Indeed, after doing it a few meetings I've about reached the recorder's
stand-alone best-case performance.

> I also installed audacity today, ... with a wee bit of tweaking
> (and some time to do it) I may manage to turn the audio into some
> smaller digestible sized files (particularly for those with lower
> available bandwidth) ... nice to have the higher sampling rate on
> the original (and to have that when editing), but can probably drop
> that down a fair amount (e.g. voice grade) for more general
> distribution ... after some of the other audio tweaks are done (such
> as amplification, and other edits).

The quality was what it was because I needed to record with a low
bitrate format to avoid needing the harddrive, which the internal mic
would rather loudly pick up (and the 8KHz WAV recording option would
have been plain lousy). This is straight from the recorder.

It would be nice if a distribution format could be found that doesn't
horribly butcher quality. I wonder if WinAmp natively handles Speex now.

> Thanks again for recording it, and making that recording available.

No problem, I was hoping my routine meeting recordings would lead
somewhere. :-)

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