[Balug-admin] Re: LVM presentation ... audio

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Sat Jun 4 22:38:10 PDT 2005

Thanks, ... I did manage to get it today.

The base recording seems quite usable, certainly at least for source 
audio.  I also installed audacity today, ... with a wee bit of tweaking
(and some time to do it) I may manage to turn the audio into some
smaller digestible sized files (particularly for those with lower
available bandwidth) ... nice to have the higher sampling rate on
the original (and to have that when editing), but can probably drop
that down a fair amount (e.g. voice grade) for more general
distribution ... after some of the other audio tweaks are done (such
as amplification, and other edits).

Thanks again for recording it, and making that recording available.

Quoting Xavier <balug-talk@xav.to>:

> Michael Paoli wrote:
> > Is the tracker still up and available, and file available?
> > I tried it a few times today, without success.
> Bwa hah hah hah hah!
> I keep it up for ten+ days with no bites, then my interface freezes,
> then my NAT box takes to random crashing, within a few hours you ask
> about it. :-)
> Sorry, crap morning here. It'll be back up shortly with a little luck.

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