[Balug-admin] keysigning at (BALUG? Re: Visiting SF on 20th-22nd June)

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Wed Jun 15 08:56:58 PDT 2005

Perhaps a bit late, but would you (re)consider ...
BALUG[1] meets on the evening of 2005-06-21 (generally 3rd Tuesdays).
BALUG does have a program/speaker for the 21st, however
meet/greet/keysigning would work rather well*.
As BALUG hasn't done a keysigning or keysigning event at least within the
past year or more, doing such at BALUG may better cross-polinate keysigning.
As BAD[2] just met at 21st Amendment earlier this month (including
keysigning) this might be somewhat redundant for folks and not
create as much cross-keysigning.  As BALUG meets on 2005-06-21 (in Chinatown),
having both on the same evening also could result in some crowd-splitting,
reducing attendence at both.
Both locations (BALUG regular meeting location, and 21st Amendment)
are approximately equally accessible via BART and other public
transportation (both a moderate walk from BART).
BALUG meetings are $10.00 USD for dinner (see BALUG site for details).

I'm guestimating doing this at BALUG would sound fine to the BALUG
folks in general, but (if and) until the keysigning event is
"officially" moved to BALUG, I just included
and not yet
balug-talk-balug.org and/or
Hmmmm, I don't see that anything has (yet) gone out to balug-announce-balug.org
regarding BALUG's speaker for 2005-06-21 ... perhaps if it's (shortly) agreed
to move the keysigning to BALUG, BALUG announcement can go out soon, and cover

1. http://www.balug.org/
2. http://bad.debian.net/
*Mostly from start of and/or before BALUG meeting proper through until
start of presentation/speaker - that would allow for about an hour's time,
e.g. some folks show up at the
bar as early as 6:30 P.M., meeting proper starts at 7:00 P.M., food arrives
a bit later, presentation/speaker typically starts around round 7:45 P.M. -
8:00 P.M. and runs typically through about 9:00 P.M.  That well leaves
most of 7:00 P.M. - approx. 7:45 P.M. available for keysigning, and can
also include additional time for those who show up earlier (as early as
6:30 P.M.

Quoting Bruce Badger <bbadger@openskills.com>:

> I will be visiting San Francisco this month.  I arrive on the evening of
> 20th June, and leave on the afternoon of the 22nd.
> Ben Hartshorne suggest that I post here to see if anyone would be
> meeting up for some keysigning on the evening of the 20th or 21st.
> I have subscribed to this list, so either post back here or mail me
> directly if you are interested.

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