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That may be difficult since I am a paraplegic and rarely travel.  I will
post elsewhere from now on.  Please pass on my deepest apologies to the
BALUG subscribers.  


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Quoting Beau Gould (beau@open-source-staffing.com):

> Contract Linux Sys Admin, San Jose, CA

Hi, Beau!  I hope we'll be hearing from you about the required technical
presentation, this week.   -- the one you just committed to.  You'll
have noticed this right near the top of the page, when you joined this
mailing list:

  _Linux jobs postings_ are welcome from companies intending to give a
  technical presentation at an upcoming BALUG meeting. If we see a
  job-offer posting from you, we expect to see a talk proposal [link]
  around the same time.  (Companies not prepared to speak may want to 
  post elsewhere, such as SVLUG Jobs [link] or BayLISA Jobs [link].) 


We _are_ serious, so please send us an outline or other talk description
of your (or your client's) technical presentation that is
for BALUG, so we can schedule it.

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