[balug-admin] add ... to Picn*x15 "participating organisations"

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 9 23:19:26 PDT 2006

Looks like we're on there (so I'm reading some e-mail a bit

I'll see if I can get the logo and link, or at least something like that,
on the BALUG web site "real soon now" (gotta get some other updates there
in the next day or so).  I'll also include mention of it and such in the
BALUG "announcement" item which will go out not later than *real early*
Friday, and quite possibly as early as "lateish" Thursday.

Is there a suggested ALT tag?  I'd guess "Picn*x15" if there isn't some
other specific suggestion out there (I'll check over the
http://www.linuxpicnic.org/ site too).

Quoting Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>:

> Question 1:  Is there any reason we would _not_ want BALUG to be 
> added to the list of "participating organisations" along with other 
> Bay Area LUGs?   If, as I hope, there isn't, I'll be adding BALUG to
> the growing list on http://www.linuxpicnic.org/ .
> (If you're not familiar with the Linux Picnic aka "Picnix", it's a
> social gathering and free BBQ feed put on every year on the approximate
> anniversary of Linux's founding, at a park in Sunnyvale.)
> Question 2:  Assuming we're participating, could someone add one of the
> Linux Picnic logos to our front page?  Thanks.
> http://www.linuxpicnic.org/twiki/bin/view/Picnix15/LinkToPicnx

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