[Balug-admin] BALUG & job postings/listings? --> "talk" list (if anywhere)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 12 21:11:45 PDT 2006

Among the BALUG lists, such items should *only* go to the "talk" list
http://lists.balug.org/listinfo.cgi/balug-talk-balug.org) if at all.
Note that one needs to be subscribed to the "talk" list to send to
the "talk" list.  The "announce" list is NOT appropriate for such (it's
moderated, and such items *should* get rejected).  For "talk", they should
at least be sufficiently relevant (e.g. LINUX and Bay Area) to generally
avoid annoying folks (it is after all BALUG, as in Bay Area Linux Users
Group, it's not job seekers of all things LINUX/UNIX/computers of the USA
and/or planet).  Generally best also that the message be short (one can
always include a URL for further details and information).

Also, getting oneself to a BALUG meeting, and talking a bit about the
company and position and such can be rather to quite useful - probably much
more fitting for direct employers (or employees of said employer which are
close to the open position), than recruiters/agencies.  Anyway, there's
generally a small bit of time avaialable at the BALUG meetings for
short (<~=2 minute) announcements.  We have had recruiters attend our
meetings, at least on occassion ... but best used for a "networking"
opportunity, not as a sales/marketing opportunity.


Quoting Blair Mandell <bmandell@availigent.com>:
> Job Opportunity for Linux Kernel Engineers 
> I apologize for posting, but we need someone that knows this space, and
> that is BALUG!

Quoting "Francis St. Amant" <Francis.St.Amant@riverbed.com>:
> Riverbed uses Linux as the OS on our market leading network appliances.
> I have a number of jobs available for Linux-savvy engineers.  Do you
> have a place to post jobs?

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