[balug-admin] Speaker Coordination wiki page!

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 8 17:18:01 PDT 2006

The idea(s) (Thanks Jim Stockford & others!) were too good not to
implement, so:

I populated it with relevant key information I had in much of my
(semi-)recent e-mails and such ... mostly from when we/I started
dealing with the "mad scramble" to come up with replacement speaker
for this past August's meeting, ... certainly got a fair number of
potential leads/suggestions following that.  (Not sure I've gotten
all those leads/suggestions "squeezed" out of my e-mail and onto
that wiki page, but probably have at least most of them so far ...
still going through some of the yet more recent e-mail).

Let me/us know if you think there are ways we should change how
it's organized or formatted on the wiki page or whatever.

I also generally listed folks as "Person(s) leading or to contact about"
for who would (at least presumably) be the lead contact for varous
speakers/presenters/groups - do feel free to change that as may be
appropriate (heck, that really does apply to that whole web page,
after all - at least as we're at least approximately in agreement
on how the stuff should be changed and updated).

And if you forget where that wiki page is:
--> Wiki
--> Speaker Coordination
One likely has to login to edit the wiki pages.
Since the self-registration on that is semi-broken (appears it
starts the process, but fails to e-mail you the initial password),
let me/us know if you hit that problem, and we can manually set a
password for you and send it to you (and you can then change that
and your other user details).


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