[balug-admin] Speaker Coordination wiki page!

jim stockford jim@well.com
Fri Oct 13 08:18:35 PDT 2006

    per the speaker coordination wiki page re below, is there
some prioritization of interests? E.g. is Lisp more interesting
than Python (for whatever reasons), Ingress than H-P...?

    I just got around to looking at the page--I'll start beating
    kudos on a useful layout.

On Oct 8, 2006, at 5:18 PM, Michael Paoli wrote: EXCERPTED

> http://www.balug.org/modules.php? 
> op=modload&name=phpWiki&file=index&pagename=Speaker%20Coordination
> Let me/us know if you think there are ways we should change how
> it's organized or formatted on the wiki page or whatever.
> And if you forget where that wiki page is:
> http://www.balug.org/
> --> Wiki
> --> Speaker Coordination
> references/excerpts:
> http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-admin-balug.org/2006-October/ 
> 000276.html
^^^^^^^^^^^^^.... i get a 404 for this one

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