[balug-admin] speakers, speakers, speakers (?!)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Sep 7 07:32:03 PDT 2006

I'm unfortunately running *quite* behind on dealing with BALUG related
e-mail attempting to secure speakers for BALUG meetings.

We do (from earlier) have speaker confirmed for Oct. meeting (we should
reconfirm perhaps about a week after our Sept. meeting).

As far as I'm aware, Sept. and Nov. are open at this point.

I believe we've got at least some potential(s) out there for Sept.

If anyone wants to "run" with the information and work on coordinating,
certainly don't be shy to speak up!

Also, to coordinate arranging for speakers (e.g. so we don't double-book,
etc.), for the "off-list" communications, I'd (strongly) recommend we
at least Cc: all of those among us that are either involved in coordinating
speakers, or may be involved in attempting to coordinate such ... not
necessarily for every e-mail, but at least some of the more key stuff
(confirmations and speaker contact details).  These are the folks I'm
aware of that might be involved in such - if there are folks that
should be added/dropped from this list, let me know:
speaker "coordinators":
Larry Platzek 
Ann E. Worley 
Dick Verna 
mikron (Mike?) 
Michael Paoli

I was also thinking possibly Rick Moen, but he may already be generally
dealing with quite enough e-mail and such (he can certainly speak up if
he wants to also be added to the above list).

Anyway, if no one else is able to jump to the task, I'll see what I can
do regarding Sept. speaker.  I do also have a vendor contact that can
probably do some future meeting (but not Sept. or Oct.).  We should also
decide - probably not later than, and perhaps at the Sept. meeting, if
we actually want to meet in Dec. (the regular BALUG meeting date would come
relatively close to certain major holidays and such around that time
of year).

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