[Balug-Admin] BALUG "todo" list, volunteering, miscellaneous; etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 19 00:48:51 PDT 2007

It's slightly out-of-date already, but a bit over 2 weeks ago, I
started a BALUG "todo" list on a wiki page:

Rough ideas and rationale on the list:
* easier/better to have it in a (relatively) consistent spot, be able
  to update, etc. (as compared to archived list e-mails)
* idea (thus far) to roughly rank things from highest to lowest
  priority down the list - but also group related/dependant tasks
  together where that makes sense.

If there's stuff you feel needs or ought to be done (or even
"wish-list" items - can go towards tail end of list), feel free to
note/update on there ... especially if you're actively working on any
of these various BALUG tasks and related stuff (e.g. general
administrivia and organizational stuff, systems administration and/or
web stuff for BALUG sites, speaker coordination, etc.)

If folks want to do more with/for BALUG, feel free to volunteer.  The
"admin" list has probably been at least a slight bit quieter than it
ought to.  Much of the day-to-day administrivia happens via off-list
communication - mostly using the BALUG e-mail aliases found under:
The "admin" list has a larger audience - and is also publicly
archived (and thus not suitable for all of the communications).

I try to encourage folks (and try to also remember myself) to - if
there's no reason not to have it publicly archived and visible to
all, to send it to the "admin" list, rather than just off-list e-mail
alias(es) (all of us on those aliases are also on the "admin" list).

Perhaps I (and/or others) will update the "todo" list soon, but some
of the stuff we're working on:
* new(er) web site stuff (beta.balug.org, etc.)
* Dec. 2007 - no BALUG meeting
* Feb. 2008 meeting date - any venue conflicts with Chinese New Year?
* BALUG meeting food at restaurant (tweak/overhaul our
  "standard affair" food)
* BALUG "steering" committee(?) - working to get some of us BALUG
  administrivia "movers and shakers" (okay, those who do some or much
  of that work) in a bit more regular real-time interactive
  communication to work on generally better planning and improving
  BALUG stuff (e-mail only gets us so far).

In any case, hopefully the "todo" list (wiki page) gives one at least
a rough overview of things BALUG would like to get done and in many
cases where BALUG could make use of additional assistance/resources.

If you want to volunteer and help BALUG, feel free to drop a note to
(or one of the e-mail addresses under
if you're only interested in assisting with that particular

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