[BALUG-Admin] Featured Job Sponsor @ BALUG?

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Wed Feb 13 12:52:45 PST 2008

Michael Paoli wrote:

>I see more of an issue with consuming more valuable time /
>attention resource (e.g. forcing everyone to look at something with (more
>of) their time, or foisting it upon their screens.  Also, we often run
>rather tight for presentation time, and I'd rather hate to eat into that
>more by adding "sponsored" announcement/advertising that takes more time.

Good points.  How about this...

In exchange for $250 worth of beer, the recruiter gets 2 slides that are
rotated on the screen during dinner.  The $250 explicitly does not get
them any special time at the microphone, but they would be welcome to use
their 60 second announcement to mention jobs.  Also, the job postings
probably should meet one of the following criteria:

1)Job responsibilities must be at least 50% focused on F/OSS
-Everyone will be happier if the jobs are relevant 

2)Be at an organization who's primary goal is producing F/OSS
-Allows for an organization like Nagios.com to recruit for an attorney if
they are foolish enough to think that many practicing attorneys attend

3)Be at an organization who's primary goal is promoting F/OSS
-Allow for organizations like like O'Reilly or the Linux Foundation to

I think part of my motivation is that I want to send out an email with the
subject line saying "BALGU: Free As In Beer... Literally."  :)


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