[BALUG-Admin] Job Postings on BALUG

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Mon Mar 17 14:04:07 PDT 2008

Why don't we amend our jobs posting policy to disallow them completely,
but point recruiters towards the svlug jobs list.  Seems like we're
getting more recruiters these days and AFAIK 0% have offered to give a
technical talk.  And frankly, I'd reject proposals from all of the
recruiters that we have seen over the last 9 months.

Andrew Fife
Untangle - Open Source Security Gateway

650.425.3327 (O)
415.806.6028 (C)

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From: Greg Payne [mailto:gpayne@strategi.biz] 
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Subject: Job Postings on BALUG

I would like to know if you have a mailing list for job postings?
Or how do I get my job posting on your lists.
Thank you
Greg Payne
Technical Recruiter
Strategi LLC

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