[BALUG-Admin] A certain Rick De Gae tano

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Mar 28 13:59:29 PDT 2017

In reviewing the administrative settings, I see signs that someone might
have powerfully annoyed BALUG admins, and I'm curious if anyone
remembers the history.

This guy's name is first name Rick, second name that I'm writing with
spaces inserted so he won't find this discussion if ego-searching his
own name:  'De Gae tano'.  (Remove the space characters.)   His e-mail
address is or was rickde gae tano@yahoo.com.  (Remove spaces.  Same

What I'm talking about is:  'rickde gae tano@yahoo.com' is the sole
address listed as banned from subscribing to balug-admin, and also the sole
address whose postings will be held for moderation on balug-admin.  I
removed the first ban, but am keeping the 'hold for moderation' one
while asking if anyone remembers what this is about.

Mailman ban & moderation rosters, in my experience, accumulate some
entries by accident, or by overquick admin action.  It's useful to prune
them occasionally.

balug-talk has seven addresses banned from membership for what seem like
antispam reasons.  I'm going to remove those; I doubt they're useful:



Also on balug-talk, Rick D.'s address is the sole address whose postings
would be held for moderation.  I'm leaving that while waiting to hear

Basically, was Rick D. some sort of epic pain?  What kinda pain?
I'm really curious.  (Tell me offlist if that's useful.)

There's an IT consultant in Burlingame of that name.

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